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Bethlehem Christmas Market

Every year, we always eagerly await the holidays. The changing of the seasons always invigorates me, and I know winter is close once the first days of December arrive. There is something magical about the change to crisp weather, and snow dusting the yard in the morning. Christmas is the perfect time to do something a little festive, and if you are in the Pennsylvania area, I would recommend you check out the award winning Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem. It is not that far from Philly, and the awesome thing about this market is that it is outside as well.

Bethlehem Christmas Market
Bethlehem Christmas Market

There are a lot of local artisans and small businesses, and it is always sweet to support our communities. My personal favorite was the waffle stand, and you could purchase them to go for a decent price. They were really good and had a caramel flavor in the middle! Needless to say, between my husband and I, those waffles did not last very long! A couple other places that caught my eye were a record shop with art work and a very neat little wooden chair tent. Honestly though, there were a ton of very creative products which would make for great Christmas gift ideas for the whole family!

Bethlehem Christmas Market

Make sure you stop on the website soon to plan your trip to the market! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season so far! Make sure you click that subscribe button!

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Bethlehem Christmas Market
Bethlehem Christmas Market

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Steel Stacks At The Bethlehem Christmas Market
Bethlehem Christmas Market
The author taking a photo at the Bethlehem Christmas Market
The author and her husband at the Bethlehem Christmas Market



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