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Photoshoot In Lancaster Pennsylvania


I have known my friend Marisa for over ten years. She is one of those people that see life in amazing perspectives, and that shines through in her photography. A couple weeks ago, we decided to have a get together at the Lancaster County Park, and she offered to do an anniversary photoshoot for us. It was truly an amazing idea with the backdrop of the wooded area. The weather was perfect, and it was one of those days that was cooler, but not cold and we all felt comfortable moving around.

I am usually anxious with getting my photo taken, but she helped calm my nerves and enabled confidence as we wandered through the park. My husband and I were excited that we could have these special photos, and it is sweet that now we are able to look back and remember these moments of our lives. We are very grateful to Marisa for the memories to cherish forever.


I highly recommend Marisa for all of your photography needs. She is honestly the best in the business, and is the most talented photographer I have ever known. You can contact Marisa at, and her Instagram handle is @marisareneephoto.

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