A Clean Slate

Winter brings with it an opportunity to grow in the fact that it quite literally can bring you a clean slate to work with. In the northern part of the United States we are dealing with snowy conditions and in a way, it emotionally resonates with me. This is not particularly just in the fact that we are in the early introduction of this year, but this may be the fresh start we all need.

As we shovel out the streets, it is quite literally like lifting a weight, and in a very physical form. We are all working together in this objective, because we want that fresh slate, so to speak. In many aspects, you may find that is a current in your own life. Do you feel like you need a fresh start? This does not mean necessarily that you toss your career away or do anything as dramatic like that, it can just mean seeing something in that fresh perspective. As a writer, this can be very cathartic for me personally.

I generally think about this concept as a reigniting or affirming important processes in our lives. It reminds me of organizing, but of our inner self. What are we putting on the shelves of our minds, and as a collective, how does this affect us?

I think that is why organizing is invigorating for many individuals as well because you can literally see how these components affect us in a physical sense. I honestly think that it is a crucial part of balance, and really enables us to be present. I hope this post inspires you in some way! Have a wonderful day, and remember to click that subscribe button!

Published by northeastallie

For generations, my family has lived in the Philadelphia area, and my writing reflects these influences. This blog explores perspectives on life, encouragement, travel, health, and local living.

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