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Bar Island Acadia National Park Maine

Gravel Walkway Connecting Bar Harbor To Bar Island Maine

If you are feeling adventurous, a hike to Bar Island is perfect for you when visiting Bar Harbor Maine. You literally have a time limit to go for your hike (one and a half hours before and after low tide.) There is a gravel land walking path that becomes submerged if you do not make it back in time, so make sure you check the tides before you go.

The Tide Can Move In Fast On The Path To Bar Island

Even though there is a time limit, we really enjoyed this nature walk. In my mind, I had thought that the water would be very murky since Maine is so far up north, but honestly it was very clear, and I could easily see the beautiful rocks and little shells as we made our way to Bar Island. I thought it was pretty neat that you could see these little pockets of water from when the ocean had covered the gravel trail just hours before!

Bar Island Acadia National Park

Once we arrived on the island, we noticed a sign right away that had a warning for travelers making their way through. I did take a picture not just to document this adventure, but to make sure I had the safety phone numbers in case of an emergency. No matter where you are hiking or traveling to, you have to keep safety in your mind.

The trail itself will take you through a forest region (I noticed many gorgeous pine trees, and they smelled so good!) The hike also provides vantage points of Bar Harbor and Frenchmen Bay so make sure you have your phone and camera ready to take pictures.

Trail On Bar Island
Bar Harbor Views From The Trail
Views From Bar Island

I highly recommend checking out Bar Island, and it is such a fun hike with really nice water and nature views. For safety reasons, make sure you check out the tides ahead time, and also time your hike so that you make it back before the ocean flows over the gravel lane again. I would also make sure you have sunscreen, water, snacks, and keep your phone charged ahead of time just in case if you need to call for a water taxi. Let me know in the comments below if you have also traveled to Bar Island and what you thought as well. Have a wonderful day and remember to click that subscribe button!

Watching The Tide In Bar Harbor Maine

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