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Steps To Increase Your Confidence!


I think I need to start out this article by saying that confidence is not always something that develops overnight. It is almost like this snowball that drifts down a mountain, and collects momentum as it goes. This snowball can start out as a very small wee thing, but as it starts rolling, it gets bigger. I think that in a way life can be like that.

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I have had different periods in my life, where my shyness basically overtook me. In a lot of ways, I did feel confident, and I dearly loved music, reading, and individual sport, but there were definitely spots where I almost froze up in certain social situations. I was very lucky in the fact to make several good friends in my schooling years, but I always felt nervous putting myself out there. I feel like a lot of people can honestly relate to that. In a way, it was a catalyst for beginning a relationship with writing, and it was a space where I could truly put down all these thoughts that I had rummaging through my mind. Sometimes if we just take a minute to collect our ideas, we can really find extra stability in that, and you can apply that at any season of your life as well.

As I became older, it was evident to me that I had to do something with this shyness, and I would have to learn how to deal with it in a way that I could have a career, and help other people. I exceled in the sport that I participated in, and I wanted to help others learn it as a coach. There were obviously some steps to get to point A to B, so I will share what helped me, and hopefully in some way, this helps you as well. Let me take you back, because we all start somewhere.

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When I was in high school, as I wanted to totally immerse myself in the sport I loved, I started to work several different jobs to help pay for it. I was a little nervous, because I had not worked with the public in that capacity before, but I became employed in several fairly busy local shops, and I had to talk about several products and things like that. I actually feel like a professional situation like this helped me overcome some level of shyness, and it worked quite well because there were boundaries that just helped me open up my personality. Sometimes, if you have a shy type personality, just dealing with the public in this way can kind of help eliminate fears like talking to people in that capacity.

Several years later, I did manage to land an entry level coaching job, and I was lucky enough teach group classes. I was so very happy to be in this field that I had worked so long to get into, and literally it was also facing my shy nature right on. If you have a subject that you have studied, and have the opportunity to help others, it can really develop your confidence. I found my greatest confidence of all when I helped others find their own. It is scary at times going into the unknown with our dreams, but you will gain confidence if you take personal steps, even if they are small towards your goals. In a way repetition of a good pattern will strengthen you and that really builds every day in your confidence.

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I think what I mean to say is that we all have these mountains to climb or ideas unique to us that will help the world in some way. Sometimes, it can be scary, even taking little steps, but the amazing things that will come out of it are very worth it. If you are a writer and a planner like me, you can also write down your goals, and really get into the details step by step with how you will get there. If you want to be an environmental scientist, what steps do you need to get to point A to point B? Are there classes that would help you achieve this goal? Maybe the first step would be to research different schools, and then go from there. Every step, small or large that you take to bring you closer to your dreams will help you develop a confidence that will last you a lifetime.

Initially, blogging was just an idea to me. I loved writing and journaling, but I was not always sure if I could do blogging. I researched it a lot, and decided to make a leap of faith to do this, because writing has been such a big influence in my life. I was a little nervous at first, but I am so glad that I did start to write again more, and it is so much fun to share encouraging posts, wellness ideas, and fun travel spots as well!

I hope this post inspires you in some way to go for your dreams and set the goals to get there. You will gain confidence the more that you do something, so remember that the small achievements are absolutely crucial to the big goals. They are a big deal, and you will get more confident in your studies, work, or personal goals. Charts can help too, and can sometimes help you see the larger picture and provide you with a road map of sorts.

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