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The Brick & Brew Restaurants are one of our absolute favorite spots to go in the Philadelphia area. We have been frequenting there for several years, and every time that we do visit, we are always amazed. We have also recommended this restaurant to our family and friends because we know that they will have a great experience. I feel like that is a solid testament to a restaurant! They do have several locations in Havertown, Malvern, and Media, so if you are in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas, it should not be too far of a drive distance wise.

Brick & Brew Menu

Also, as a side note, all opinions and thoughts in this blog post are my own, and I am not affiliated with Brick & Brew at all. I actually will only write about a restaurant if I really enjoy it because I want my readers to have a great experience! I only recommend places that I truly feel are of a great quality. For this particular post, we will be exploring the Havertown Brick & Brew.

Brick & Brew

The first thing we noticed as we walked up to this establishment was the gorgeous building itself, and also the nicely decorated exterior. We visited the restaurant in early October on a day when the breeze felt warm and just really comfortable. If you are from the Philadelphia area, you know exactly what I mean. It was one of those delightful early autumn evenings where the weather feels perfect. As my husband put our name in for a table we sat outside for a little bit on their patio and just took in the ambiance. We felt super lucky, because, even though it seemed really busy, we actually were seated not long after.

Lovely Patio At Brick & Brew

One thing that you will notice when you enter the restaurant is that they truly know how to decorate. It is so beautiful and unique inside the building, and I honestly have never seen anything like it. When we were greeted, the staff was also amazing, kind, and very positive. This place has the whole package!

We Love The Speakeasy Vibe Going On At Brick And Brew!

Once we were seated we checked out the menu and ordered drinks. They have very unique beverage choices and a huge selection. On their menu it states “Our mixologists have brought years of training and experience to you with his incredibly delicious array of cocktails-from classics such as the Sazerac to our award winning Whiskey Sour.” They truly do have an expansive drink menu to partake from.

In the past, we have enjoyed their “Hand-Crafted Cocktails,” and they are amazing, but this time I ordered a non -alcoholic Virgin Speakeasy. It was so good and refreshing and some of the ingredients listed in it was their signature pink lemonade, lemon juice, hibiscus syrup, basil, and more. (I will not give away the full drink ingredients, you will have to visit there yourself to try it out!) Also my husband is absolutely obsessed with pumpkin beer, so he ordered the “Southern Tier Pumpking Imperial Pumpkin Ale” that they had at the time. I am sure that this list most likely changes seasonally, so I am not sure if they will have this item every time, but they do have an impressive list to choose from.

Brick & Brew

Brick & Brew always has very tasty specials every week as well, so you will want to check those out. I am going to be honest, for our whole meal that we ordered, we picked all of our items off this list! As reference, at the time we went, you can find their specials on the first pages of the menu when you open it up. They also change up the specials a lot which is pretty awesome. For our appetizer, we ordered the “BFFS Pulled Pork Nachos.” This dish had the most perfect nachos topped with smoked pulled pork, shredded monterey yellow and jack cheese, red onion, cilantro, pico de gallo, and a bacon bbq sauce. We were in heaven, it was so good!

Brick & Brew

For our entrees, we both decided on “The Pat and Bob’s Burger.” The only difference between them was that I ordered fries, and my husband the chips (of course house made.) These delectable burgers had a roasted jalapeno spread, a chorizo onion confit, beefsteak tomato, aged provolone, and rocket arugula. Oh my word, they were delicious! In addition to this, at the time that we went, they had so many additional entrees to choose from. They had an expansive salad list, sandwiches (a personal favorite from other trips is the short rib grilled cheese, so good), wood fired pizzas, cast iron classics, and other items as well that their creative and talented chefs have made. Whatever you order, you can tell that the food is a labor of love, and you will want to keep coming back to try all of their dishes!

Although we were pretty full, we did save room for dessert. We went with the “Harper’s Waffle Cheesecake.” This delightful treat had an oreo waffle, chocolate mousse, passionfruit caramel, chocolate sprinkles, vanilla ice cream, and confectioner sugar. Hands down, this is one of the best desserts I have ever had.

Dessert At Brick & Brew

I really hope that you enjoy this review. It is my joy on this site to highlight local businesses that are exceptional to the Philadelphia area. One of the reasons this blog exists is to showcase these spectacular places in the Northeast region because it is so important that we support these local establishments.

A Quick Picture I Took From The Menu That Elaborates On Brick & Brew’s Beginnings

If you are traveling or live in the Philadelphia area, you will definitely want to check this place out! I will link their website to the bottom of this post as well. Let me know in the comments if you have also gone to Brick & Brew and what your experience was like there. Also, remember to click that subscribe button, and have a wonderful day!

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