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A couple weeks ago, one of my best friends Marisa and I were talking, and we really wanted to have a get together double date and catch up. (You may remember Marisa from other blog posts, she is an incredible photographer based out of the Lancaster area in Pennsylvania.) After some discussion, we decided to go to The Pressroom.

Lancaster is well known in Pennsylvania for its expansive Amish communities, and the region is also very rich in American history as well. The area was once part of the 1681 Penn’s Woods Charter of the famous William Penn, and eventually incorporated as a borough in 1742, and later into a city in 1818. Another not well known fact is that Lancaster was the capital of the United States for one day during the American Revolution at its court house. Actually, on October 13th, 2011, Lancaster’s City Council officially recognized September 27th as a holiday celebrating this fact every year.

Another interesting historical note is that Lancaster was also the capital of Pennsylvania from 1799 to 1812. (Later, our Pennsylvania capital was moved to Harrisburg.) Lancaster has also had a long standing relationship with Philadelphia, and the very first paved road in America was the Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike, connecting the regions and this also promoted trade and commerce in the state. Some historical figures to hail from Lancaster are James Buchanan (our fifteenth President), Thaddeus Stevens (a powerful member of the House of Representatives and famed Republican abolitionist), and of course Robert Fulton (a creator of the first functional steamboat and namesake of the Fulton Opera House.)

As we walked up to the restaurant to meet our close friends, you can not help but to notice how much Lancaster really does take pride in its history. In the city, the buildings maintain that historical allure, but everything is so well taken care of. I also thought that the stained glasswork on the entrance to The Pressroom was very beautiful.

On their website it states “The Pressroom Restaurant serves award-winning cocktails and a creative menu of American fusion cuisine. Each dish is built around locally-sourced, fresh ingredients.” “The original stained glass storefront continues to welcome new guests. Inside, you’ll find exposed brick walls and original wood floors that span the bar and seating areas.” Personally, I think it is so amazing when a place really takes the time to appreciate the original building, and preserves that elegance that can be so fragile, yet is so important. The structure was once the 18th century Steinman Hardware building.

The Pressroom

The friendly staff greeted us right away and we sat down in a very cozy and comfortable booth. We started our meal with super delicious chorizo gravy duck fat fries, and took a little more time to check out the menu. After reviewing the tempting entrees, we decided on the Classico Pizza (this dish had tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and red pepper flakes), the Funghi Pizza (a wonderful combination of mushrooms, fromage, caramelized onions, mozzarella, and finished with Parmigiano-Reggiano with fresh baby arugula and truffle oil.) My friend Marisa ordered a very neat combination of Roasted Vegetables (this had their seasonal vegetables tossed in a maple glaze and a spicy ricotta mascarpone), and the Carpaccio (a flash-seared yellowtail fish, chow-chow, wasabi yuzu vinaigrette, and red onion relish.)

Gravy Fries
Classico Pizza
Roasted Vegetables With Carpaccio

Everything was really delightful, and the amazing cuisine with the unique backdrop of this spectacular restaurant was simply superb! After dinner we checked out the dessert list and decided on the walnut cake (this dish had layers of vanilla buttercream with a decadent side of elderberry crème anglaise.)

Walnut Cake

In addition to the dishes that we ordered, the menu also listed additional salads, pizzas, small and large plates with ample dessert options, so I really think that you can find a nice variety of options if you are looking for that. I am sure that this may change seasonally as well, depending on the time of year. This place was a really nice spot to catch up with our friends, and I would recommend it to anyone traveling to the Lancaster area.

The Pressroom
The Pressroom
Beautiful Stained Glass At The Pressroom

As always, I am not affiliated with this establishment in any way, and all opinions in this post are my own. I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and remember to click that subscribe button!

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