Why I Started A YouTube Channel

Hello Everyone, I have some pretty exciting news! In addition to my blog, Northeast Allie, I now have a YouTube Channel!

Since I have started this website, I have pondered on if I wanted to share content in a video format, and what that would mean for the blog. After thinking about it for awhile, and going back and forth, I decided that it could be a fun way to feature another side of traveling adventures. I have definitely been nervous about sharing videos, but I thought that it would be another great way to focus on various locations, and what these areas look like in real life. Also, for my more visual readers and learners, hopefully this provides an opportunity to see another viewpoint of where I am describing.

My channel is definitely more of a “raw” type format, and the clips have not been curated to perfection. I do, however, believe that they give a travelers viewpoint to them. They really vary quite a bit depending on where I took the video, and the environment I was in at the time too.

I will still be blogging on here, and writing is of course one of my absolute favorite things to do. (As a background, I always knew that I would be a writer when I was younger, and would basically journal about everything and anything. My first inspiration in life was definitely nature, and I think that is a major part of who I am today, and why I focus on it much in this blog. As a youth, I would write about the people I knew, the environment, or even stories that I could imagine in a fairyland far away! I was truly inspired by writers of the past such as J.R.R. Tolkien and Louisa May Alcott.)

Ricketts Glen State Park Benton Pennsylvania

I really appreciate all of my amazing readers who are on this journey with me, and I am so excited to share more travel adventures with you, and show you many more amazing spots in the Northeastern part of the United States (although sometimes my husband and I do explore other regions as well!) I have roots in the Philadelphia area, and I think that is part of the reason why I do highlight so much from this place that is very dear to me.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The Author And Her Husband

I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and remember to click the like and subscribe button! I will also link my new YouTube Channel as well if you are interested in checking that out!



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