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The Best Barbecue In Watkins Glen New York

On our visit to Watkins Glen, New York, there was one barbecue spot that was truly amazing. In between all of our hiking adventures, we happened to stop at Nickel’s Pit BBQ. It was the perfect place to relax and enjoy some of the most delicious locally sourced meats. They are located at 207 N Franklin Street, Watkins Glen, NY 14891. (There is also another location at 20 E Market Street, Corning, NY 14830.)

After trekking Watkins Glen State Park all day, we knew that we wanted to have a more “stick to the ribs” type of meal that would really fill us up from a long day on the trails. We happened to drive past Nickel’s Pit BBQ the first day that we arrived, and we were impressed at how packed the place looked. There was a decent amount of restaurants along the road, but this one in particular had droves of people waiting to get in.

As we made our way to this establishment, we luckily found street parking on the same road as the restaurant which was really nice and pretty convenient. As we walked up to the barbecue place, we noticed a beautiful mural. Road racing has been a very popular pastime in this area beginning in the 1940s, and today the area hosts the very famous Watkins Glen International, which is a prestigious NASCAR event. Some of the famous American road racers who participated in this event that you may know from the late 1940s are the cartoonist that created the Addams Family, Charles Addams, along with Miles and Sam Collier, who were major figures in early road racing. Today, on the current course, you can find exceptional drivers such as NASCAR champion Chase Elliot, who captured his own Watkins Glen International title in 2018.

Mural In Watkins Glen New York

As we stepped inside the barbecue restaurant, we were greeted by a really friendly hostess, and we made our way to a table pretty quickly. After checking out the menu, we decided on trying the smoked wings with the Nickels’ Everything BBQ Dry Rub, a pulled pork sandwich with mac and cheese, and a chopped brisket sandwich topped with onions and a side of cornbread.

Delicious Pulled Pork
Amazing Chopped Brisket Sandwich
Delectable Chicken Wings

The food itself was so delicious, and you can also order a multitude of sauces for your meal too. We felt like this was the perfect feast after our long hiking day, and great fuel for the next one too!

If you live in, or are visiting Watkins Glen, New York, I highly recommend checking out Nickel’s Pit BBQ restaurant. Let me know in the comments if you have ever gone here before and what you thought about it as well. I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and remember to click the like and subscribe button!

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Hiking Waterfalls New York

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