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Shequaga Falls New York

Shequaga Falls
Shequaga Falls

If you are traveling to the Finger Lake region of New York, a very impressive waterfall to check out is the Shequaga Falls. It is located in the town of Montour in Schuyler County, and it is really close to Watkins Glen (about a 3 mile/4.8 km) drive. You will have to street park for this waterfall, but luckily there does seem to be ample space to do that on the surrounding roads.

At the time we went, we ended up parking on the same street as the Memorial Library (Main Street), and it is just a couple minute walk to get to from there. Even if this road is packed when you go there for some reason, there are plenty of other streets close by to park at. The Shequaga Falls are open all year from dawn to dusk, and it is free admission to enjoy which is pretty awesome! It is easily walkable with the pavement, and it seems very accessible.

Memorial Library

There are several park benches if you need to take a rest when you arrive at the falls. I feel like this would also be an ideal spot for a picnic if you packed a lunch or dinner for the day and brought it here. (Just make sure to pick up afterwards of course!) It was not super busy when we visited either, and it has a very relaxed atmosphere.

Spots To Relax At Shequaga Falls

The water flowing into the falls is from the Shequaga Creek, which starts about 8 miles (12.8 km) from this location, and eventually it ends up in the Seneca Lake inlet. The waterfall stands at a height of 156 feet (47.5 meters), and is right under the Mill Street Bridge. I thought that the area looked very whimsical with the bridge, and is an excellent photography spot too with this gorgeous background. It is amazing to see this magnificent nature marvel, and think about how the rock was carved out of glaciers thousands of years ago.

Shequaga Falls

When you travel to the Finger Lakes, I highly recommend a stop at the Shequaga Falls. You will enjoy truly beautiful views here in a nice relaxed setting. Let me know in the comments if you have ever visited this area, and what you thought of it as well. I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and remember to click the like and subscribe button!

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