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Eagle Cliff Falls

One of the most ethereal and elegant waterfalls that you will find in the Finger Lake region of New York is the Eagle Cliff Falls. The address for this waterfall is 135 Havana Glen Road, Montour Falls, NY 14865, and it is within the Havana Glen Park. This location is south of Watkins Glen State Park, and if you are traveling here from there, it is about a 10 minute drive. Once you are at the park, the trail to actually get to the falls is only about a third of a mile (about .5 km.)

Eagle Cliff Falls

Since this waterfall is within the Havana Glen Park, there is a parking lot attached to it, which makes it easier if you are traveling to the area by vehicle. When we went, there was also a small fee for parking (it was several dollars when we visited, but I am sure this is subject to change at their discretion and seasonally.) They did collect the payment in a small booth by the beginning of the hiking trail.

Havana Glen Park

As my husband and I made our way through this walking path, we were quite impressed at how much there was to do in the park itself, even before our arrival at the waterfall! There were camping areas, pavilions, picnic tables, ball fields, and even a cute playground for children. If you have a family, you could easily make this into a day trip, and this could be a wonderful spot to bring a packed lunch or dinner.

Havana Glen Park

If you are just hiking to the falls and back, I would expect to be here a little over a half hour, but if you are taking your time through and photographing the area, I would set aside about an hour of time to visit. Generally, this place is open from dusk to dawn, so you will want to plan accordingly. Also, if you do bring in snacks or food items with you, make sure that you clean up and do not leave behind any waste.

When you make you way into the wooded area to the waterfall, the hike is pretty easy, but you will have to climb five mini staircases to get to it. We felt very safe going up the staircase sets, but they may get slippery at times as you hike past smaller waterfalls.

Stairs To The Eagle Cliff Falls
Path To Eagle Cliff Falls
Smaller Waterfall Leading Up To The Eagle Cliff Falls

When you reach the top of the stairs, the Earth opens up to this gorgeous amphitheater of rock and absolutely lovely waterfall. This formation is made of limestone and in some areas it is covered with moss. We felt really lucky, because in the whole park, we only encountered several people. This place has a peace to it, and a beauty that is truly inspiring.

Eagle Cliff Falls

The waterfall itself is 41 feet high (12.5 m.) The waterway that creates it is from the McClure Creek, which is a tributary to Catherine Creek, that is the main inlet to Seneca Lake.

Eagle Cliff Falls

October was a wonderful time to make a trip to the Finger Lakes, and a lot of the places overall were not too crowded. As a side note, since this is in the Northeastern area of the United States, even though the days were fairly temperate, at night it can get close or even below freezing. With these fluctuations in temperature, it is crucial that you pack a variety of clothing items. If you are hiking, I would also suggest proper boots, and wool socks. Also, always keep a first aid kit, snacks and water close by as well. We loved the cooler weather, so we found this time of year great for exploring!

Let me know in the comments if you have ever traveled to the Eagle Cliff Falls, or the Finger Lakes before. I hope that you have a wonderful day, and remember to click the like and subscribe button!

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