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Catherine Creek Marsh

If you are visiting the Finger Lakes, and enjoy beautiful serene nature areas, you will want to check out the Catherine Creek Marsh. The address for this location is 401 Rock Cabin Road, Watkins Glen, New York. It is on the southern end of the Seneca Lake in Schuyler County. This area is a well known location for hiking, hunting, trapping, fishing, and bird watching as well.

Over time, with the changing lake levels and movement of sedimentation, about 1,000 acres of marsh have been created over the years. At one point, this waterway was even navigable into the Montour Falls with much higher levels. Currently, the waters from the Catherine Creek do still feed into the Chemung Barge Canal, and this runs through the center of the marsh.

Catherine Creek March

The Catherine Creek is a popular spot for its rainbow trout in the spring season, and hosts thousands of anglers yearly. The Barge Canal is utilized by boaters and fisherman, and a lot of people dock their boats on marinas along the canal.

Catherine Creek Marsh

My husband and I visited the marsh in October, and we were did not see any one else there at the time. (I would imagine summer is probably the busiest season for travelers checking out the Finger Lakes.) As you drive into the area, you will see a nice platform for viewing the landscape, and I highly recommend checking that out. The views from it are truly incredible, and the only sound we heard was the soft rustling of the grasses in the marsh.

Catherine Creek Marsh

We did see a great variety of birds while we were there, and some that you may encounter are bald eagles, the American black duck, common loon, osprey, willow flycatcher, rusty blackbird, and swamp sparrow. The Schuyler County Bird Club have documented 29 species of fish, and 64 different types of birds that can be found within the marsh.

Catherine Creek Marsh

As another reminder, I would recommend bringing a variety of clothing items with you if you are visiting the Finger Lakes. On the day we were at the marsh, we wore light jackets, long pants, hiking boots, and wool socks since the temperatures do drop as the evening approaches. Always be respectful of the environment, and if you bring any items or snacks with you, make sure that you do not leave any of this behind. It is important that we all work together to create a healthy place for all of the magnificent creatures that call these places home.

Catherine Creek Marsh

The Catherine Creek Marsh is such a wonderful area to really immerse yourself in a gorgeous nature setting, and see a pretty spectacular landscape as well. This location is a great place to check out during your visit to the Finger Lake region of New York. Let me know in the comments if you have ever traveled here, and what you thought of it. I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and remember to click the like and subscribe button!

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