Ricketts Glen State Park


Ricketts Glen State Park (located in Benton Pennsylvania) was highly recommended to us by a lot of locals when we stayed in the Poconos. This majestic park is known in upstate Pennsylvania for having amazing immersive nature trails with 22 named waterfalls. Within it are 13,193 acres of land located in Sullivan, Luzerne, and Columbia counties. There is a parking lot attached to the hiking area as well.

Ricketts Glen State Park
Ricketts Glen State Park

Most of the waterfalls are located within the Glens Natural Area, and we personally took the loop going on the Highland Trail which is a little more then 3 miles. As you hike through the trail, you can tell that this area has a lot of older growth timber, in combination to the newer wildlife that inhabits this region as well. The forest was very peaceful, and had a lot of shaded areas with the multitude of trees.

Ricketts Glen State Park
Ricketts Glen State Park

The path in the forest brought us directly to the waterfall trail, and going into it, it is easy to follow, but you will want to use caution because it can get steep in certain areas. I personally did take a little tumble because I was going down a stair path very quickly, and I believe it had rained earlier on that particular day, so you will want to be careful in your stepping.

Ricketts Glen State Park

This is another area which I highly recommend wearing hiking shoes, or something that will support your feet well in a hilly type terrain. We also brought a little bag with sunscreen, water, snacks, and sunglasses. Whenever you go into nature type settings, it is very important that you take safety into account first and foremost!

Ricketts Glen State Park

As we walked around the loop, we were in total awe with how vast and diverse the waterfalls themselves were. They are all very unique, and it is interesting how this ancient land has formed over the years. For this reason, you will want to set aside extra time to really enjoy this gorgeous area, especially if you like taking nature pictures!

Ricketts Glen State Park

If you enjoy mesmerizing nature perspectives, this is the perfect spot for you when you visit upstate Pennsylvania! Let me know in the comments below if you have visited Ricketts Glen before, and what you thought of the area. Make sure that you click that subscribe button and have a wonderful day!

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Waterfalls In Pennsylvania

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