Why It Is So Important To Spend Time In Nature

Pennsylvania Poconos

I think one of the most profound things that I have found and took note of from an early age was nature. One of my first memories is stepping out to the porch on a rainy day, talking to a kitten and taking note of a magnificent rainbow drifting in the sky. As we put a bowl of milk down for this small creature, I looked into the cloudy sky melting with rain and sun, and I was truly amazed that such a thing as a rainbow could exist.

When I was younger, we traveled and were on the road a lot, moving from Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, and various other places in the Northeast. All my family is from the Philly area, but we ended up branching out a lot. I devoted myself to music and writing. I will say that writing has been the constant in my journey at every age, and this drive is what made me create this blog for you all today.

Pennsylvania Poconos

When I met my husband, he was definitely on the same wave length with me in regards to exploring the great outdoors. Whenever we can, we absolutely love to go to various parks and hiking adventures. You will find that many of the guides or suggestions on this site are related to this, and I think that the reason being is that we are very inspired by nature.

The Author With Her Husband In The Pennsylvania Poconos

It is the truth in the world that belongs to nature, and I think that we must truly care for it. My advice is to try to get out in an earthy type setting every day a little if possible, even if it is to take a walk around your neighborhood.

If you are ever very deep in thought about something, one of the best ways to clear your mind is taking a couple minutes, and just get outside and breathe. Just taking this time and listening to the birds and the wind can really center you. It is so healthy and good for the mind and soul to get fresh air, appreciate the Earth, and relax. I always recommend bringing a small notebook along with you, and you can write some poetry or thoughts down in it and just be present.

Pennsylvania Poconos

Somehow the world looks a little brighter if we just get out in the sun a little more. You will feel inspired in your day to day activities if you cherish the Earth, and find the peace in its delicate beauty. I hope this post inspires you to get outdoors today! Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite activity for the spring and summer time. Remember to click that subscribe button, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Looks gorgeous. We vacationed in the Poconos a few times in the early 80’s. 40 years flies by! I was 5-6 so it seemed like a different world-life. What a beautiful, peaceful area. We need to get back to nature to return to the real world.

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