The Best Locations In Portland Maine

Portland Maine is a very bustling city, and it is the perfect location if you want to see amazing lighthouses, eat delicious food, and even walk around shops in the downtown region. Also, it has a very prevalent art scene with its own Arts District that is centered around Congress Street. This is home to the Maine Historical Society & Museum, the Portland Stage Company, and the Portland Museum of Art. There are also several art galleries and studios here as well.

Portland Head Light

I was really excited to see the lighthouses in Portland, and the one that we ended up visiting first was the Portland Head Light. There are distinct rock formations surrounding this lighthouse, and although it looks like petrified wood, it is actually dark grey phyllite and quartzite in various layers. When you look out into the distance on the water you will see several other lighthouses including the Spring Point Ledge Light, the Ram Island Ledge Light, the Halfway Rock Light Station, and the Cape Elizabeth Light.

Another Lighthouse that I recommend that you check out is the Bug Light (also known as the Portland Breakwater Light.) This lighthouse is not the biggest out there, but I thought it was absolutely adorable! Initially, this historic lighthouse was a marker for the end of rocky breakwater shielding the Portland Harbor. Also, the Bug Light is located right in the Bug Light Park, and we really enjoyed the walking path in this park, which gives very nice views of the water as well. We did see several families flying kites that day, and I could see making a day trip doing that as well with the wind kicking off the water a bit.

Bug Light

The Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse is located about a mile away from the Bug Light, and is another really elegant spot you will want to check out. This particular structure is considered to be a caisson lighthouse, and it marks an obstruction on the west side of the boating channel into the Portland Harbor. We really enjoyed the unique land walking path leading up to this lighthouse, and had the opportunity to see many boats in the Casco Bay.

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse
Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse
View From Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

One of the most unique hiking spots if you are visiting Portland is Mackworth Island. This location has a 1.25 mile trail, and it encircles the island so that you see spectacular views of Casco Bay. The Governor Baxter School for the Deaf is also located on this island, and it not open to the general public. Originally, in 1946, the Governor Percival Baxter donated the Mackworth Island for state public purposes, and also a sanctuary for local wildlife. One of the most unique spots of the trail are where the fairy houses are. It is encouraged for the general public to participate and you can help make little houses for the fairies out of branches and small natural materials like feathers. I feel like this is just another reason why Maine is so magical!

Fairy Houses At Mackworth Island

These are just several spots that we visited and really enjoyed, but truly, Portland has so many activities and is a great area to enjoy city perspectives while still being able to get into nature fast as well. Let me know in the comments if you have also traveled here, and what your favorite places are as well! Make sure you click that subscribe button, and have a wonderful day!

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  1. I love lighthouses so I know I would love this area, if I ever do visit such a far flung destination. 😀 Coincidentally there is a Portland island in Southern England which has a lighthouse called Portland Bill!

    1. You would definitely like it, Maine and Rhode Island have a ton of Lighthouses! That is really neat that there is a Portland Bill Lighthouse. Someday we will have to make the journey there too!

  2. That’s beautiful. I live near the coast in the north of England and it’s great the beach is twenty miles away.

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