The Geothermal Park In Hveragerdi Iceland


After discovering geysers on the famous “Golden Circle Tour” in Iceland, we wanted to see more of these epic natural wonders before we left. While doing some research, we found another active site about 28 miles (45 km) away from the capital of Reykjavik where we were staying. It was located within the Hveragerdi village in Iceland, and we were super excited to check it out!

Geothermal Park In Hveragerdi Iceland

To give you a little history of this unique spot, the town is surrounded by the Hengill central volcano, and is extremely geothermally active with frequent earthquakes. Also, the town itself has many greenhouses that are heated by the hot springs that this volcano provides. The Varma River runs through the area and provides ample trout and salmon for fisherman.

Geothermal Park In Hveragerdi Iceland

When we first arrived at the Geothermal Park, we were greeted right away by a sweet woman, and she told us how to use the walking path in the park. Then she also added that they offered the Icelandic black bread (a delicious rich rye bread that utilizes the geothermal ground as an oven), egg boiling (using the hot springs), and if you were interested, you could also soak your feet in a natural clay foot bath. Since we were on the road for awhile that day, we tried their black bread with a little bit of butter, and it was truly some of the best bread that we have ever had. If you stop by the Geothermal Park, make sure that you try it!

Geothermal Park In Hveragerdi Iceland
Geothermal Park In Hveragerdi Iceland
Geothermal Park In Hveragerdi Iceland
Geothermal Park In Hveragerdi Iceland

As you walk around this unique park, you will see active areas and geysers, and also geysers that were more active at one point, but have since dried. We thought that was pretty cool, because you could get a viewpoint of them from a landscape perspective, and see how the environment reacted to them there as well. We were impressed how deep they seemed to be! We also came across hot springs with a soft mist coming off of them from the heat, and a much more active geyser as well.

Geothermal Park Hveragerdi Iceland
Geothermal Park In Hveragerdi Iceland
Geothermal Park In Hveragerdi Iceland

I definitely recommend the Hveragerdi Geothermal Park. It is more off the grid, but it is still very educational and beautiful. Everyone there is super sweet, and you can really take your time and study the geysers, and even relax afterwards in a clay foot bath! Let me know in the comments if you have ever traveled here. Make sure that you click that subscribe button, and have a wonderful day!

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  1. Iceland is such a fascinating country to explore and photograph especially for those who love nothing more than being outside and taking in nature’s treasures 🥰 Can’t wait to visit one day ☺️

  2. Sounds like a wonderful experience! Have you tried the clay foot bath? Iceland is so popular with travellers at the moment and I imagine that main sights get pretty busy. So, it’s quite nice to learn about some off the radar cool spots to visit. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you very much Leighton! We did not try the clay foot bath, but we did see a lot of people enjoying it. This park is definitely more relaxed and just a really cool spot to learn about geysers.

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