Why You Should Visit The Fall Creek Suspension Bridge In Ithaca New York

Fall Creek Suspension Bridge

The Fall Creek Suspension Bridge, which is located in Ithaca New York, is a must visit if you are traveling to or live in this beautiful and picturesque area. It is situated right by Fall Creek Drive (the address is 310 Fall Creek Drive, Ithaca NY, 14850), and it is also within the range of the very well known and established school of Cornell University.

Fall Creek Suspension Bridge
The Fall Creek Suspension Bridge In Ithaca New York

On the second day of our travel adventure in Ithaca, we were really excited to check out this unique bridge! To our amusement, it did start raining quite a lot on this day, but we definitely tried to embrace the conditions as much as possible. As we were traveling in mid October, we understood that we could indeed encounter a wide variety of weather conditions (usually not snow at this point) and we did pack our bags in accordance to this.

If you are traveling to the Northeastern parts of the states early autumn is usually mild, and you will experience warmer days, along with more chilly, cloudy or rainy type conditions. As a safe bet I recommend bringing a wide variety of clothing articles, and you will definitely want to take light sweaters, coats, sturdy hiking boots, longer pants/shirts, as well as items for sunny days as well. We also brought umbrellas too just in case. It is always better to bring a couple of extra items with you and be prepared that way you can feel confident on your travels!

With rain gently falling from the sky, we approached this bridge with a bit of caution. If you are afraid of heights, just as a heads up, this structure is about 140 feet off of the ground (almost 43 meters) and length wise it is 270 feet (about 82 meters.) We felt very safe on it, but it is also known to sway and bounce a little as you walk. I will say we did notice this a little, but we felt secure on it, and the views of the Falls Creek Gorge are worth it in my opinion. The waterfall itself is named Rocky Falls. This waterfall is 100 feet in width (about 30 meters) and has a 44 foot drop (about 13 meters.)  Next to the falls, you can see an adjacent hydroelectric plant which is utilized and operated by Cornell University.

View Of Rocky Falls And The Hydroelectric Plant From The Fall Creek Suspension Bridge

I was really grateful that we went in October, because the foliage and leaves were simply magnificent as a backdrop to the natural beauty in Ithaca and all of its gorges. A popular saying in Ithaca is that it is “gorges” which is a cute play on the word gorgeous.

A View From The Fall Creek Suspension Bridge

I highly recommend a stop at The Suspension Bridge, and it truly does give you spectacular vantage points from above a waterfall, and you almost feel like you are floating on air while you are looking at it! Let me know in the comments if you have also traveled to this spot and what you thought as well. I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and remember to click that subscribe button!

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