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If you are looking for an elevated pizza experience near Watkins Glen, New York, you will definitely want to check out the Scale House Brewery. They are located at 5930 State Route 414 in Hector, New York. This spot is north of Watkins Glen, and is about a 12 minute drive on the east side of Seneca Lake.

Scale House Brewery
Scale House Brewery

After our travels up to Watkins Glen from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (our home city), we were looking for a spot to relax and try some delicious foods. (As a side note, if you are coming from Philly to Watkins Glen, you can expect a little over 4 hours for the drive. In my opinion this is not too bad of a journey to see the gorgeous Finger Lakes!)

We arrived at Watkins Glen just when the sun was starting to set, and we were definitely ready to try delicious food that was local to the area. As we scoped the region out and drove along Seneca Lake, there was one place in particular that caught our eye, and that was the Scale House Brewing restaurant. We were really impressed with the design of the place with their nice large patio, so we decided to check it out!

Right away, as we entered, we were greeted in a very friendly manner, and even though it was pretty busy, we managed to squeeze in at the right time and were taken to a table quickly. As we were handed the menus, my husband and I became really excited. They had one of our favorite foods (especially on vacation) which was gourmet pizzas! (If you are not interested in pizzas, at the time we went they also had a variety of salads, quesadillas, meatballs, calzones, and yummy dessert as well. The menu may change from time to time so I would check with them ahead of time before you go to see what they currently have.)

They also carry a variety of drinks including their own award winning craft beer, along with other beverages such as seltzer or wine. If you are looking for something non-alcoholic, they also had craft soda options, and I tried the IBC root beer, which was delicious!

Scale House Brewery
Scale House Brewery
Scale House Brewery

For dinner we decided to try “The Ouchy” pizza which had fresh mozzarella, Cup and Char pepperoni, chili flakes, and a hot honey drizzle. We also ordered the “BBQ Chicken & Bacon” pizza, which was so good. Both of the pizzas were really impressive, and the whole menu really looked delicious!

The Ouchy Pizza
BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza

After dinner, we meandered to the patio, and saw an absolutely magnificent sunset!

Scale House Brewery
Scale House Brewery

If you are traveling to, or reside near Watkins Glen, New York, or Seneca Lake, I highly recommend a stop at the Scale House Brewery. Their food is so good, and they have an amazing atmosphere too. Let me know in the comments if you have ever gone here before, and what your experience was like as well. I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and remember to click the like and subscribe button!

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