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Philadelphia, and especially the area of Fishtown, has become this center for the very hip (some may even say hipsters) and professionals that creates this unique scene filled with art, shops, and amazing culinary feats as well. Fishtown was once a working class Philly neighborhood, with a lot of the original residents working in the shipyard.

In the 1700s and 1800s many of the inhabitants of Fishtown were employed as shipwrights, shipbuilders, ship joiners, and ship carpenters. Other popular jobs at the time were wharf builders, rope makers, mast makers, and blacksmiths. Philadelphia was the largest ship building center in the original colonies, and even attracted Benjamin Franklin to the city, who became publisher of “The Pennsylvania Gazette.” I think it is really cool to think about the historical significance of a place, even in modern times. You never know who could have walked down the city streets before you, and how they impacted the history of our country.

When we go into the city, we love to stop at different local spots, and one of our favorites over the years has been the Interstate Drafthouse in Fishtown. It is such a unique relaxed spot with delicious food and an expansive drink list as well. We have celebrated birthdays here, large get togethers, and even just met up with our friends from Philly to catch up. For this post, I will be writing about our most recent visit with two of our close friends on a double date around the time of Halloween.

To start with, you will immediately recognize the facility, because they have this really cool bold Interstate Drafthouse sign that literally looks like one you could see on a highway right in their window. As you walk into the tavern, you will notice that they carry this theme throughout, with the famous “Interstate 95/Interstate 76” signs on the walls. (For your reference, I-95 runs from Miami Florida to the Houlton-Woodstock Border Crossing between the Canadian province of New Brunswick and Maine. I-76 runs from Ohio to New Jersey. Anyone in Philly knows this as the famous “Schuylkill Expressway” that goes from Valley Forge, through Philadelphia, and crosses the Walt Whitman Bridge into New Jersey.)

They also have a lot of signs that pay homage to the local culture from references to the hit television show “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” to movies, pop icons, and even the locally famous “Fish Town Iced Tea.” Many local residents can attest that during their childhoods, Artic Splash from which this spectacular beverage has been created from, was extremely popular.

After browsing the menu, my husband, his best friend and girl friend decided on beer tastings and a cider. I decided on a soda because I was craving something as a sugary treat for Halloween! When our drinks came out, we were impressed because on the beer tastings, they had written in chalk what each beer was under it. It was listed on the menu as an “Interstate Road Trip” and it included any four (four ounce pours) from their draft list. This provided a very cool opportunity to try a nice variety of brews in a sitting!

For our appetizers we ordered the “Black Bean Nachos” and the “Ancho Honey Chicken Wings.” We were really delighted with them, and both were table favorites!

For our entrees, my husband and I ordered the “Cajun Cheesesteak” which had a delicious cajun spice to it with peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese. It was so good, and I highly recommend this dish if you enjoy a good cheesesteak! Both of our friends ordered the “Grilled Chicken Sandwich” and that had a really nice marinated chicken breast, applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, avocado, colby jack cheese, and a cilantro-lime mayo.

They also said that their meals were very enjoyable as well, so I would recommend that dish too. At the time we went, the Interstate Drafthouse offered a choice of fries or tots with the sandwiches, so we each got something different. Again we were really impressed!

Also, as a side note, this establishment also has many vegetarian, vegan, or options if you are interested. They also list these right on their menu, which makes it super easy to order this way if you wanted to. To me, this is another reason why they are so spectacular, because you can tell that they are making the extra effort for all of their guests.

If you are looking for an amazing Fishtown tavern that is full of local flair, delicious drinks, amazing food items, and a very friendly staff, you will love the Interstate Drafthouse. They also are very into the community, and have a lot of fun events that we took note of from “Dog Photos With Santa,” participation in local festivals, and even Quizzo. Make sure that you visit their website for the most current information regarding these events as well. I can imagine they may change seasonally, but there definitely seems to be a lot of really neat activities that they host or participate in, so you will want to check that out.

Also, in addition to the regular dinner menu, they also have a brunch Saturdays and Sundays, if you are interested in that. Whether you are traveling to the Philadelphia area, or are from here, I think you will really enjoy this amazing location! Let me know in the comments if you have ever eaten at Interstate Drafthouse, and what your experience was like as well. Remember to click that subscribe button, and have a wonderful day!




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