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A couple weeks ago, we were out in the city (Philly) on our way to a concert at the Fillmore. To give you a little history on the area, the Fillmore was once part of the historic Ajax Metal company. In the early 1900s, this factory, made up of seven sections, smelted refined brass and bronze at the plant and was part of the expansive industrialization boom in Philadelphia at the time.

Cat Mural

The night we went to this location one of our favorite musicians Andrew McMahon was playing. I also wanted to mention that because the restaurant that we are reviewing in this post is literally around the block from the Fillmore. (As a side note, if you like comedy, the Punch Line Philly is right around the corner as well. We have stopped by this facility before, and it is a very nice set up for shows.) So, distance wise, the brewery is really close to a lot of really popular areas.



As you walk up to the Source Urban Brewery, the building yields an elegant design that has hints of historic Philadelphia in its frame. Venturing inside, you will see a long bar area, however, there are many tables available as well. Also, there are strikingly beautiful chandeliers dressing the ceiling that just add to the ambiance.

We were immediately greeted by the friendly staff, and we had made reservations so we sat down very quickly. The menu comprised of a decent sized beverage list, and had a nice variety to chose from. There was a beer called “Mermaid Lore” my husband ordered which was a very fruit forward sour beer with hints of vanilla. I picked out a non-alcoholic rich iced coffee brew because I knew it would be a long night with the concert and wanted a lot of energy.

The food menu is also a decent size, and we decided to split Autumn Sprouts (brussels sprouts, fried cherry peppers, shaved radicchio, crispy shallots in a lemongrass vinaigrette), a Jersey Boy (a stuffed pretzel containing pork roll and cheddar cheese), and a Philly Reuben (a delicious coffee crusted brisket on rye with slaw, Carolina gold, and dill pickle.)

I am a huge fan of treats, and they had a very yummy option. Listed under “Sweet Treats” on their menu was a cheesecake brownie sundae, and it was quite amazing. The warm rich chocolate cheesecake brownie paired with the vanilla ice cream was a decadent and delicious way to end the meal.

Everything was so amazing, and unique as well! Although the menu items varied in what the dishes were, when you have them together they worked amazingly in flavor and combination. We are looking forward to taking our friends and family here, so that they can try it too! I also believe that items on their menu may change seasonally, so depending on when you visit, they may have a different variety of things to chose from.

I would recommend the Source Urban Brewery to anyone traveling in the Fishtown region of Philadelphia. As always, I am not affiliated with this establishment in any way, and all opinions in this post are my own. I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and remember to click that subscribe button!


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    • You guys would definitely like them, there are so many amazing spots to try out with different cuisines, and we have a lot of talented people in the culinary world here. New York also looks pretty awesome though too with so many restaurants up there. I feel like we are lucky in the northeast with such a variety of amazing places!

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