Ithaca Farmers Market

When we were visiting Ithaca New York, we knew that we had to find a spot that provided healthy fresh foods to keep our energy up so we could fully enjoy our travels in between all of our hiking adventures. Luckily, we did find that at the Ithaca Farmers Market. The address of this location is Steamboat Landing, 545 3rd St, Ithaca, NY 14850, and they do have a parking lot situated right next to the market which is awesome! I was also pretty amazed to find that it is by the Cayuga Lake, and we could see little boats in the water right behind the area.

Each time that we went to the farmers market, it was pretty bustling, and honestly I can see why. They had so many vendors with fresh produce, take out dishes, eat on site meals, specialty foods, and talented artisans as well. I really liked that all of the food was local to Ithaca, and they do require that the members are within a 30 mile range, so you absolutely know that everything is fresh. We were in Ithaca in early October, so we enjoyed fresh apple cider, donuts, and even burritos. Honestly it was all so good!

Ithaca Farmers Market
Ithaca Farmers Market

To provide you with a little history of the market, it first opened in 1973 as a spot for local craft people, food vendors, and growers to sell their items. The market had moved five times before it settled in its current location by the Cayuga Lake. It is at a location where steamboats used to dock, and was built entirely by volunteer labor to clean up any debris in the area. Today, it is a thriving community gathering place and has such a positive impact on the local economy in the region.

Ithaca Farmers Market
Ithaca Farmers Market

Around the market itself, you can find little benches to relax on, and we were grateful for the spot to eat our delicious burritos! We could see Lake Cayuga from our bench, and hear the soft music from local musicians in the background. This market had a magical feel to it with their delicious foods and gorgeous location!

Ithaca Farmers Market
Ithaca Farmers Market

Let me know in the comments if you have visited the Ithaca Farmers Market, and what you thought of it as well! If you like fresh healthy energizing food on your travels you will want to stop at this place. The local artisans were also very talented, and you will want to check them out for your home décor, or even just picking up a gift for someone special! Remember to click the like and subscribe button, and have a wonderful day!

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  1. Sounds like you ate well at the farmers market. I like that it’s all locally sourced food. We have a small farmers market in my town and I usually go every Saturday to pick up fresh produce. It’s nice to support the local businesses, plus, the fresh fruit and vegetables just taste so much better.

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