The Best Fried Chicken In Ithaca New York

Fried Chicken is truly the ultimate comfort food in my humble opinion. There is something about the crunchy texture in combination to the hot chicken wrapped inside that is so delectable. If you are interested in trying some really amazing fried chicken when you are traveling to Ithaca, New York, you have to check out the Silo Food Truck which resides at the Liquid State Brewing Company.

We really liked that both the Silo Food Truck and Liquid State Brewing Company were started by local individuals in the region wanting to bring great food and beer to the community in Ithaca. The Silo Food Truck was started by Jesse Steve and Katie Foley in July of 2015 as “a labor of love after purchasing the truck from family friends.” Their company provides homemade recipes with fresh ingredients that are sourced from local vendors and farmers. I personally appreciate when a business is not only started by people local to that community, but has such a great impact on their local economy as well, which is very impressive!

Liquid State Brewing took flight in 2016 by friends Jamey Tielens and Ben Brotman. Their mission is to create high quality small batch beers, and their on-site beer hall features fresh ales, lagers, wines, and even ciders. They have paired with the Silo Food Truck to really enable customers to have an amazing experience with the very best the community has to offer. As a side note, when we visited, we checked out the Downtown Ithaca Beer Hall location, however they have another one called the North Shore and this is about 25 miles (about 40 km) north of the Ithaca spot.

As we meandered up to the Silo Food Truck on a crisp early autumn day, we were first really impressed at the inviting nature of it. We loved the gorgeous colors of the truck itself, and the welcoming pretty flowers. We also really enjoyed the atmosphere in Liquid State Brewing. It was super clean with a lot of seating, and I thought their table designs were really unique looking. (After you order your food from the Silo Food Truck, you can take it inside The Beer Hall if you want.)

The Silo Food Truck

We each tried 1/2 pound of the fried chicken, mac & cheese, their “Barrel and Brine” Fire and Ice pickles, fries, and of course their fresh baked cornbread with honey butter. For beverages, I ordered a non-alcoholic blueberry soda, and my husband tried their oatmeal stout which he was very impressed with.

Amazing Fried Chicken
Delicious Drinks

If you are traveling to Ithaca New York, and are interested in trying some pretty amazing fried chicken with delicious beverages, you absolutely must try the Silo Food Truck and Liquid State Brewing. I highly recommend it, and I really think you will enjoy the experience. Let me know in the comments if you have ever gone here as well and what you thought. Remember to click the like and subscribe button, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. It’s amazing how popular food trucks have become. And it’s surprising how delicious the food is considering it’s made and served in a truck! And it’s always neat to learn about their backstory and humble beginnings.

  2. What a delicious looking feast, Allie. It’s been a really long time since I had some authentic American style fried chicken and the food that comes out of this truck looks to be just the ticket. Cornbread with honey butter? Hell, yeah. I have always been a big fan of sauces for fried and fried chicken. What kind of sauce is it in your picture?

    • Thank you very much! It was a really delicious gravy sauce. It worked really well with the chicken and the mac and cheese 🙂 I also agree that you can not go wrong with cornbread.

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