A Very Philly Christmas Village!

The Philadelphia Christmas Village holds a very special place in my heart. Several years ago, my husband actually proposed by it, and it is one of those landmarks that are near and dear to me. There is something unique about it that is very Philadelphia, while wrapping in a traditional German market feel. It is an open air market, so you will want to dress warm depending on the weather. I personally will wear layers, wool socks, mittens, a hat, and sometimes even bring hand warmers along.

There are so many local vendors that create their own unique artistic twist on ornaments, goods, and delicious foods as well. When we went, we tried the German Grill and Schwenk Grill that served bratwursts and potato pancakes. I also highly recommend Raclette Stube for their melted cheese on a fresh baguette.

City Hall is right across the street from the market, and it has a continuation of specialty artisan shops and walking regions. If you enjoy ice skating, you have to check out the rink as well, which is quite magical in the winter season. On the building of City Hall itself, during the evening hours they have a light show with holiday music playing. You can see this very well if you are skating at the rink, so that is another fun idea.

The market usually runs from November 26 to December 24, and I will leave their website as a resource to check the more up to date travel information. If you are in the Philadelphia region, I would put this as a must see for the holiday season. It is a wonderful activity if you are searching for festive outdoor fun for the whole family. Let me know if you have visited the Christmas Village in Philadelphia as well, and remember to click that subscribe button! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday!





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  1. I love Christmas markets and the magic that comes with them. Sadly, due to the resent outbreak and restrictions, all the markets in Ireland had to be cancelled 🙈 hopefully, world will restore order at some point next year. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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