Shady Brook Farm Yardley Pennsylvania

Shady Brook Farm

Shady Brook Farm, located in Yardley, Pennsylvania is the perfect spot to explore when you are looking for wonderful day trip activities that the whole family can enjoy. They have a farmer’s market, garden center, various holiday light shows, patio concerts, and so much more. Depending on the season, you can even schedule a time to pick your own seasonal flowers or fruit which is really awesome!

Shady Brook Farm

If you are driving there from Philadelphia, you can expect a little more then an hour to get there. They also have a very large parking area in a field next to the farm, which makes it convenient to travel there.

Shady Brook Farm

Several weeks ago, in the middle of September, my husband and I wanted to get out and do some really fun and festive autumn activities to celebrate the beginning of the season. For some reason, fall always reminds us of farmer’s markets, so we were really excited to check out Shady Brook Farm!

Shady Brook Farm

As we arrived at the farm, we were really impressed at the size of the area! We visited on a cool and crisp Saturday evening, and immediately noticed that they had a live band set up on their patio with plenty of seating surrounding the stage. Luckily, this was right by the area that we were super excited to check out, Uncle Dave’s Homemade Ice Cream! Their apple cider donut sandwich is extremely popular, and we were ready to dig into one.

Shady Brook Farm

We had filled up on delicious burgers right before we came to the farm, so we decided on splitting one of the famous donuts. We found a little area by the stage to listen to the talented local musicians and dig into this magnificent autumn treat. We did not waste time to begin eating it, however, I do recommend letting it sit a couple minutes out of the container, so that the donut part unfreezes. The donut was so delicious, and we enjoyed the pairing of it with ice cream! In addition to this staple, they also have a variety of other seasonal flavors, such as pumpkin that I am looking forward to trying the next time we visit.

The Burgerly In New Hope Pennsylvania

Shady Brook Farm

After partaking in ice cream, it was fun to stroll around the garden center for awhile, and to see all of the blooms, such as mums, which are a popular Pennsylvania plant in autumn, and you can find these all across the state! The flowers looked so beautiful, and I was impressed at the great variety that they had in their shop.

Shady Brook Farm

Shady Brook Farm has so many events for every season, and I am looking forward to checking out their Holiday Light Show later this year during Christmastime as well! If you are interested in that, they have tickets available on their website, and you can either drive your vehicle through, or see the show on an open-air wagon. This event opens November 18th 2023.

Pennsylvania is such a wonderful place to enjoy autumn, and if you are visiting the Philadelphia/Bucks County area, I highly recommend the Shady Brook Farm in Yardley. There truly is so much to do, and they go all out for every season with so many fun festivals and events. Let me know in the comments if you have ever traveled here before too. I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and remember to click the like and subscribe button!

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Shady Brook Farm


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  1. What a fantastic place to browse, shop, meet a friend and eat. I would love to visit Shady Brook Farm as there’s nothing better than stopping by family-run farm markets overflowing with local produce. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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